Meet our Host, Justin Duncan

Justin Duncan, the dynamic host of Small Business Voice Media, is an entrepreneur who thrives at the intersection of business, community, and personal passion. A proud father and active member of the Modesto community, Justin's commitment to local businesses has left an indelible impact since he first founded Small Business Voice Media in June of 2018.

Justin's entrepreneurial spirit was evident early on. His ability to connect with people, along with his knack for identifying emerging business trends, set the stage for his future endeavors. However, it was his unique talent for engaging dialogue and his enjoyment of interviewing people that inspired the creation of Small Business Voice Media. Today, he uses this platform to shine a spotlight on small businesses, share valuable advice, and build a community that fosters mutual support and shared success.

For Justin, Small Business Voice Media isn't just a business venture; it's an extension of his personal commitment to his community. As a long-standing member of the Gold Star Referral Club, he understands the importance of networking and collaboration in fostering business growth. This ethos permeates his work with Small Business Voice Media, where he tirelessly advocates for local businesses in Modesto and Stanislaus County.
As a proud father, Justin is deeply invested in building a vibrant and prosperous community for future generations. He is actively involved in various local initiatives and has become a respected figure for his efforts to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners. His unwavering commitment to the Modesto community is a testament to his belief in the power of local businesses to shape the economic and cultural landscape.

When he's not behind the microphone or immersed in business strategy, Justin is an enthusiastic participant in fantasy football. An avid fan of the game, he finds parallels between the strategic decision-making in fantasy football and the business world, often incorporating insights from one to benefit the other. This hobby provides not just an enjoyable pastime but also an outlet for his competitive spirit and his analytical skills.

Traveling is another passion that enriches Justin's life outside his professional sphere. His travel experiences have broadened his perspectives, enriching his understanding of diverse cultures and economies. These experiences have given him a unique vantage point, which he often brings to his conversations with entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing a global context to local narratives.In essence, Justin Duncan is more than the host of Small Business Voice Media. He's a proud father, a champion for local businesses, an avid fantasy football player, and a seasoned traveler. His dedication to supporting and promoting the Modesto community continues to resonate throughout Stanislaus County. As he continues to engage in enlightening dialogues, his impact on the small business community continues to grow. Through Small Business Voice Media, Justin Duncan isn't just giving small businesses a platform - he's giving them a voice.

Meet our Co-Host, Kayleigh Gilbert

Kayleigh Gilbert, the charismatic Co-host of Small Business Voice Media, is a woman of many roles - a successful business owner, a devoted foster mother, and an active Councilwoman for the City of Oakdale, CA. Each of these facets of her life uniquely contributes to her engaging presence on the show.

First and foremost, Kayleigh is a proud business owner. Her entrepreneurial journey provides her with firsthand insight into the triumphs and tribulations of running a business, which she shares generously on the show. Her experiences have honed her business acumen and instilled in her a deep appreciation for the small business community, making her a valuable asset to Small Business Voice Media.

As a Councilwoman for the City of Oakdale, Kayleigh’s leadership role amplifies her impact within the local community. Her work in the council allows her to advocate for local businesses and shape policies that foster a conducive environment for entrepreneurship. Her understanding of the political landscape and her ability to navigate it effectively provides a unique perspective to the audience.

But Kayleigh's influence extends beyond the business world. As a devoted foster mother, she embodies compassion, resilience, and unwavering dedication. Her commitment to providing a loving and supportive home for children in need speaks volumes about her character. This caring nature resonates in her work, as she continually fosters a supportive environment for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In every role she plays, Kayleigh exemplifies leadership, empathy, and commitment. Her multifaceted experiences enrich her contributions to Small Business Voice Media, making her not just a co-host, but a mentor, advocate, and friend to the small business community in Oakdale and beyond.

The Journey of Being a Guest on The Small Business Voice Podcast

Embarking on the journey of being a guest on The Small Business Voice Podcast is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in delving into the local business ecosystem of Stanislaus County, Modesto, and the surrounding areas. You will experience an environment teeming with insights into small local businesses, their successes, and their challenges. As you share your story and hear others', you will find yourself at the heart of a dynamic community of business owners and entrepreneurs, where innovation and perseverance are the order of the day. In addition, you'll contribute to the podcast's mission to spotlight local business narratives, inspiring listeners and further strengthening the bonds within the business community. Being a guest on the podcast is not just a chance to tell your story, but also a journey into the pulsating core of the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Stanislaus County.
Based in the bustling heart of Modesto, CA, is not merely a media company; it is a platform, a voice, and a beacon for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Stanislaus County and beyond. 
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