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Small Business Voice

Learn More About the Local Small Businesses That We Support

What do we want as small business owners and entrepreneurs? We want a relationship with our future customers.

I’m Justin Duncan with the Small Business Voice Media and we have a unique way to promote you and your business. The Small Business Voice has a radio show on PowerTalk 1360 that focuses on interviewing fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to help people understand who you are and how you help your customer base.

We want to know things like how you stand out, how you are unique, what is your “why”, what are your experiences, your ups and downs, and what advice you can give to fellow business owners and entrepreneurs that are new or need to learn some of the lessons we have through our experiences.

We feel that the more people get to know you, the more they will want to do business with you. The Small Business Voice was created for small business owners and entrepreneurs because that’s who we are, and that’s who we care about.


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iHeart Radio
Back in June of 2018, I started a small business called The Small Business Voice Media. My goal is to interview business owners and entrepreneurs for potential customers to hear their stories and to encourage people to buy locally. The reason why was after being in Gold Star Referrals Clubs, I listened to different stories every day of why they did what they did as most people have interesting stories of why they do what they do. 
Today, we are now on weekly on IHeart Media with my host, Liberty Santiago as our mission is to help these entrepreneurs to get noticed and encourage people to buy from their local businesses. 
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