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Small Business Voice Media, based in the bustling heart of Modesto, CA, is not merely a media company; it is a platform, a voice, and a beacon for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Stanislaus County and beyond. Small Business Voice utilizes the platform of PowerTalk 1360, a station within the iHeart Radio family. Spearheaded by Host Justin Duncan and Co-host Kayleigh Gilbert, this organization provides an extensive range of resources, insights, and inspiring narratives aimed at helping local business owners and entrepreneurs thrive amidst the dynamic, oftentimes challenging landscape of commerce.
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The raison d'être of Small Business Voice Media is to create a community for small businesses, by small businesses, offering them a distinctive platform to champion their enterprises, share their journey, and learn from their peers. Its unique format includes one-on-one interviews with business owners, practical advice from industry professionals, and valuable business tips. Moreover, the stories and experiences shared through the media platform foster a sense of camaraderie among local business owners and offers an invaluable reservoir of knowledge for those just beginning their entrepreneurial journey.

HOSTS with the most!

A seasoned entrepreneur himself, brings an infectious passion for the world of small business to each interaction. His insightful questions and empathetic understanding of the small business landscape provide a relatable touchstone for listeners. 

His Co-host, Kayleigh Gilbert, complements his approach with her keen intellect and enthusiasm for supporting small businesses. Together, they engage in enlightening discussions with fellow entrepreneurs, promoting a deep understanding of their unique business strategies, the struggles they've overcome, and the victories they've achieved.

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by Kathryn Ramos

One of the key segments of Small Business Voice Media is the "Business Tip Corner” for Local Business Owners, brought to you by Kathryn Ramos of Sisbro Innovation. This segment embodies the essence of the Small Business Voice's mission. Kathryn, a leading light in business innovation, offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to local business owners. Her tips and insights range from managing a business and employees to leveraging online technology, to developing effective marketing strategies and fostering customer relationships. Her contributions provide a powerful resource for listeners seeking to improve their business operations and adapt to market trends.
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Based in Modesto, CA, and serving the wider Stanislaus County, Small Business Voice Media has quickly become a go-to resource for entrepreneurs. Yet, it extends beyond being a mere conduit of knowledge. It also serves as a testament to the spirit of community, showing small business owners that they are not alone in their journey, and that their success contributes to the greater economic vibrancy of the region.

Small Business Voice Media - an invaluable companion for business owners in their entrepreneurial journey. A celebration of the spirit, resilience, and passion of small businesses. A voice that resonates within the entrepreneurial scene of Modesto, CA, and Stanislaus County, echoing with the myriad stories, triumphs, and lessons of our local entrepreneurs.

In essence, Small Business Voice Media is a heartfelt salute to the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the heart of our local economy. It is a testament to the passion, ingenuity, and resilience that defines every small business owner. We welcome you to join us, listen, learn, share, and let your voice be heard. Together, we are stronger, and together, we will shape the future of business in Modesto, CA, and beyond.

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Based in the bustling heart of Modesto, CA, is not merely a media company; it is a platform, a voice, and a beacon for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Stanislaus County and beyond. 
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